Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The Professor received a Presidential Scholarship

The Professor of Luhansk National University received a Presidential Scholarship in the field of culture and arts.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine (282 of September 25, 2017), “Two-year state creative scholarship was assigned to the Professor, Doctor of Art History, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Music Arts and Choreography of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University Andrii Yakovlevych Stashevsky.

Andrii Stashevsky is a well-known Ukrainian musician, composer, musicologist, teacher, public figure, chairman of the Luhansk regional organization of the National All-Ukrainian Music Union, member of the Board of the Association of Bayanists and Accordionists of Ukraine. He is the author of works for bayan, chamber-instrumental and symphonic music, performed by well-known musicians and orchestras. Thus, the symphonic suite of Andrii  Stashevsky “Ancient Kievan Frescos” was repeatedly performed by the symphony orchestras of Luhansk, Kharkiv, Poltava in their concert programs, and in 2016 it was successfully presented in the capital of Ukraine at the main national festival of academic music “Kyiv-Music-Fest”.

In the scientific heritage of Andii Stashevsky has more than 150 publications, including 4 monographs on the theoretical problems of modern bayan-accordion music. The composer constantly participates as a member of the jury in various international musical and performing contests and festivals in Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, gives lectures and master classes. The collective of the Educational and Research Institute of Culture and Arts congratulates Andrii Yakovlevych and wishes him new creative achievements.


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