Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

School of creative growth

School of creative growth – Methodological dialogue “Organization of interaction between the master of p / e and class teacher of VTEI”.

The teachers of the Starobilsk branch of the Regional Center for Vocational Education of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University took part in the methodical dialogue “Organization of interaction between the master of p / e and the class teacher of VTEI”.

The formation of a creative pedagogical team of like-minded people with positive pedagogical and creative thinking is realized through the ability to reflective interaction and innovative search for teachers through cooperation and partnership.

During the methodical dialogue, the importance of developing the ability to communicate constructively and work in a team was opened, interactive exercises were carried out, positive indicators of the social and pedagogical atmosphere in the team were determined.

Experience shows that the effectiveness of the educational process can be significantly increased only with the coordination of the efforts of the entire teaching staff. The master of the p / o V.A. Popilnukha and S.V. Butko shared their experience in organizing interaction with the class teacher. The psychological and pedagogical aspects in the work with the student’s team of the teacher were revealed by the chairman of the methodical association of class teachers E.S. Ploskonos.

To study the level of organizational abilities, the development of the ability to communicate constructively for the creation of a single team, a rapid diagnosis of the organizers’ abilities of teachers was conducted. The collective performance of the familiar song with the instructor Mykhailo Tretyak improved the mood and maintained a friendly atmosphere. During the dialogue, the recipe for combating stress at work was revealed.

Interaction of the team depends on the interaction of each teacher with each other, not paying attention to the status and high level of the education. In any team, each person needs support in difficult cases. The pedagogical team helps to unite the team, solve pedagogical problems, stimulate them to active work, and help young teachers to adapt.

Each expressed a wish to his colleagues, passing a bright flower, in order to create a comfortable atmosphere in the future work of the team.


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