Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Women’s football championship

The Football Championship among women’s teams took place at Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University. 

Ten combined teams competed for the Cup of the University Administration. At the first stage, the teams were divided into two groups, where they played in a circular pattern, and two best ones got into the final four.

The group A included the teams of CLNU, FUPSC, ER IPP-1 (freshmen), ER IEB and last year’s winner of the championship – Starobilsk Humanitarian and Pedagogical College. The representatives of this institution were considered the main favorites for the victory of the current championship.

Girls under the guidance of the teacher of the College Evgen Reshetilo were actively preparing for the competitions. The team’s game confirmed serious intentions to repeat the success of last year. They confidently held a group tournament overcoming their rivals. Four games – four wins.

The intrigue of the group unfolded in the struggle for the second place between the representatives of CLNU and ER IEB. Having played a draw 1:1, the teams tried to score as many goals as possible in the opponent’s gate in other matches defeating them. The “economists” managed to receive two wins. The players of the College lost to the team of ER IPP because of the unfortunate mistake in the last minutes. It was the draw 1:1, the third place in the group and the team of ER IPP reached the final.

The group “B” included the ER IHIRSPS, FNS, ER ICSTT, ER IPP-2 (senior courses), Starobilsk branch of RCVE.  The teams had equal chances to reach the final. This chance was used better by two teams: ER IPP-2 and RCVE.

The final games were significantly different from the group ones. Each team, going to the match, aspired to win only. All fights were emotional; the girls spared neither themselves, nor their rival.

The first final match showed that the students of the College had to defend the title of the winners. Eight minutes before the end of the game, the score was 1:1. And only two fatal mistakes of Tetyana Martynenko, who defended the gate of the ER IPP-2, allowed the students of the College to win with a score of 3:1.

The second match – ER IEB against RCVE. The “economists” started the game quite confidently, scoring quick three goals at the gate of the Regional Center. The result was 4:1 in favor of ER IEB.

The match ER IEB against SHPC was principal. Unfortunately, besides the side game numerous fans did not see goals. It was the draw 0:0, and complete confusion in the standings. Later there was a match of  SHPC – RCVE, which was supposed to give the real standings. In order to take the first place SHPC needed the victory with a goal difference of at least four.

The game started with an attack of the college students, and already on the 4th minute Daria Latysheva scored a goal. The time ends with a score of 1:0.

In the final ten minutes, the players of SHPC played better, and Kateryna Goydenko scored a goal on the 14th minute. But an unfortunate mistake in the defense, and a minute later Olga Bulavitska from the RCVE win one ball. This goal ultimately led the RCVE to the third place.

According to the best difference between the scored and missed goals, the winner of the Championship became the team of the ER IEB. The SHPC took the second place, and the RCVE took the third place.

It has already become traditional in the sports games to determine the best scorer and the best player. The best scorer with 8 balls was Iryna Plyasulya (ER IEB), and only 24 players scored goals during the championship. The best player was the captain of the team SHPC Olena Chursina.


Chairman of the Sports Club
Petro Yaroshenko

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