Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Season Opening Cup

The university team won the Cup of the opening of the volleyball season in the city of Starobilsk.

For the second consecutive year, the Volleyball team of the University participates in the Cup of the opening of the volleyball season in the city of Starobilsk. Danylo Pysyany and Bogdan Rushin (CLNU), Tetyana Kulchenko and Bogdan Shevchenko (CLNU), Yuriy Sherbak (ER ICSTT), Igor Solovar and Vladislav Polanyk (ER IHIRSPS), Iryna Plyasula and Daria Zadorozhna (ER IEB) were invited to the combined team. Yevgen Ivanchuk helped the team.

Seven teams competed in the current Cup. In the first duel our volleyball team played against the team of Novoaydar district. A fairly confident game of our team leaders was supported by the news players Bogdan Ruzhin, Yevgen Ivanchuk and Yuriy Sherbak. As a result – a confident victory with the score of 2:0. Our team overcame the team from the village of Sadki with the same score. Two wins brought our team to the semifinals of the Cup, where the experienced players of “Kalmychanka” confronted.

In the first game, the experience gained the upper hand, and the athletes of our university gave way. The second party was won by our team. The third decisive game was dramatic. Leading the score in four goals, the university team lost the advantage and only at the end of the game was able to defeat the opponent, and snatch the victory 17:15. Here Yuri Sherbak played well.

This victory led the team to the final, where our team was confronted by players from the Milovsky district. Athletes of the University, having won confidently the first game, received serious resistance in the second game. And the end of the game was wan by our volleyball players with the score of 26:24.

The “Univer” won the duel with the score of 2:0 and received the Cup.

Chairman of the Sports Club
Petro Yaroshenko

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