Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Travel around Europe

The Educational and Research Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology hosted the traditional contest-festival “Hello, we are looking for talents”.

The theme of the current event was “Travel around Europe”.

In a few minutes the audience was transported to the European space: European symbols and atmosphere in the hall contributed to a complete immersion in the history and traditions of the most developed European countries: Poland, Italy, Greece, Romania, Germany, Switzerland, France …

Students, teachers, guests of the University including servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – saw 20 major achievements of each country, national dances, songs, scenes from folk life … Everything that reflects the color and originality, pride and wealth of each nation.

At the end of the event, everyone realized that the greatest value of each country is its people. The people who create their own unique history, culture, enrich it, and preserve the heritage of past generations.

The central event of the competition was the dedication of first-year students. Leaders of the first year came on the scene, and Iryna Maslovskaya, the chairman of the student self-government of Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology read the oath of loyalty to Alma Mater and Ukraine, which was repeated by all first-year students who were on the stage and in the hall.

According to Christian traditions, first-year students took the dedication and from the honorable guest of the event of Father Volodymyr. He read a prayer for peace, success in learning and science!

The final of the contest was bright, sublime and patriotic: the dance ensemble of the IPP under the direction of the second-year student V. Potemkin, demonstrated a vivid and massive Ukrainian folk dance. After that, all participants of the event took to the stage and sang the song “About Ukraine”.

The whole hall rose and lit the lights in memory of the heroes who gave their lives for the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, peace in the Luhansk region.

The commander of the military detachment was invited to the stage, to whom the state flag of Ukraine was presented with the wishes of peace, harmony, prosperity, unity of our country – the only sovereign, independent and invincible!

This flag will go to Western Ukraine as a symbol of our faith in the victory over the aggressor, the unity of the East and West of Ukraine and the invincibility of the Ukrainian nation!

The jury of the competition-festival presented certificates and gifts to all participants:

I place – specialty “Psychology” (France);

II place – specialty “Primary Education (short duration of studies)” (Greece)

III place – specialty “Social Work. Social Pedagogy. Practical Psychology” (Romania)

III place – specialty “Primary Education. Ukrainian Language and Literature”.

In the nominations “For the originality of the idea” the diplomas were awarded to the students majoring in “Primary Education”, “For the best choreographic production” – to students majoring in “Preschool Education”, “For the creation of the university image” – to students majoring in “Special Education”.


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