Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка



In connection with the availability of vacant posts, a competition for the replacement of positions of scientific and pedagogical workers is announced:

  • Head of the Department of Information Technologies and Systems (1 position), Fine Arts and Professional Skills (1 position),
  • Professor of the Department of Romance and Germanic Philology (1 position);
  • Assistant Professor of the Departments of Theory and Practice of Translation (1 position), Romance and Germanic philology (2 positions), Laboratory Diagnostics, Chemistry and Biochemistry (1 position), Finance, Accounting and Banking (1 position);
  • Senior teacher of the Department of Anatomy, Human and Animal Physiology (1 position), Philosophy and Sociology (1 position),
  • Assistant of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology (1 position), Fine Arts and Professional Skills (1 position), Physical and Technical Systems and Computer Science (2 positions), Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business (1 position), Biology (1 position), Psychology (1 position),
  • Teacher of the Department of Oriental Languages (1 position), Music Art and Choreography (1 position), Cultural Studies and Cinema- and TV-Arts (1 position), Olympic and Professional Sports (2 positions).

The term of the competition is 2 months from the day of publication of the advertisement in the mass media.

Deadline for submission of documents: 2 weeks from the date of publication of the advertisement in the mass media.f

Necessary documents and application for participation in the competition should be submitted to the Personnel Department.


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