Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Instruction for School Leavers from ATO Zone to Enter the University

There are just 7 steps and you are a student of the Ukrainian university. Today they told at LNU what school leavers from ATO zone had to do to enter the universities of Ukraine.

A meeting with the applicants and their parents was held on Saturday, March 14 during the Open Day in Starobilsk. Luhansk National University noted that the first thing the school leaver has to do is to choose subjects for ZNO (external independent evaluation). In this regard one need to look carefully through the website of the university and to find subject list for entrancing chosen specialty.

The second step is registration for ZNO. “For schoolchildren who study at the territories controlled by Ukraine the registration has already ended on February 20 but for those from occupied areas the deadline is April 20, 2015”, – noted LNU Entrance Committee.

Then comes the third and one of the most important points: to contact district or city departments of education of the Department of Education and Science of Luhansk Regional State Administration which aren’t situated at the occupied territories and to announce your intention to pass state final examination externally. “If you don’t have a possibility to contact the departments of education you can leave your application in the nearest school at the territory controlled by the Ukrainian soldiers. The information will be transferred to the Department of Education and Science of LRSA”, – they noted at Luhansk National University.

After this all troubles with papers are almost finished and then comes the time to show your knowledge. The forth step is getting state final examination and obtaining certificate. Then there is one more challenge – the fifth point – passing ZNO. “There are several changes this year. So, for instance, minimal grade (it was 124 previous years – editor’s note) is liquidated. The other system works now. It’s called threshold of “succeed/failed”. Each subject has its own grade of threshold. Besides, such disciplines as “World Literature” and “World History” are deleted from ZNO subject list”, – they told about this year changes during the Applicant Day at LNU.

And then there are no problems. The sixth step is applying and enrolment to the chosen higher educational establishment of Ukraine. This year term for applying is from July 10 to August 1. The final and the easiest seventh step is to begin education on September 1, 2015.

Luhansk National University noted that such step-by-step instruction is valid for the leavers from the occupied Crimea who want to study at the Ukrainian universities.

Press-Center of LNU (the City of Starobilsk)

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