Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The Fourth Student Visit

The forth student visit to the Institute of History, International Communications and Socio-Political Sciences ended on Sunday, March 1.

This time the future specialists were studying disciplines for two weeks. The leading teachers, the real experts, conducted lectures, seminars, module tests and so on. It must be admitted that classrooms and dormitories are not as comfortable as in Luhansk. But the rectorate has saved the most important thing – teaching staff. So at our institute the educational process is provided by the Doctors of Science, Professors, Candidates of Sciences and Docents that guarantee a high level of teaching. Even common communication with such level experts turns into quite an event for the students.

After lessons student life wasn’t monotonous – they took part in several interesting events. Traditionally the session started with general meeting where future specialists had an opportunity to communicate with teachers and institute staff. During two weeks our students were watching and discussing cult Ukrainian films, visiting the city museum, and part of them visited the city concert dedicated to the 8th of March. For the students of IHICSPS public organizations of Starobilsk and the Head of the Department of Politology and Legal Science V.I. Arkhipov organized a seminar in legal education. Future specialists took part in the focus-group activity aimed to found out the problems of LNU students. But the most memorable event was participation in the ceremonies dedicated to the anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko.

The students moved away full of impressions. But separation from the native institute and university won’t be long. In two weeks there will be a new visit to the Institute of History, International Communications and Socio-Political Sciences with new impressions, friends, communication and unforgettable events.

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