Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Tour of the city of Starobilsk

Students of the Educational and Research Institute of Economy and Business visited the Luhansk Regional Museum and went on a tour of the city of Starobilsk.

Students with interest and enthusiasm listened to the information about famous countrymen. Among them were Georgy Erichovych Langemak, German by birth, military engineer and one of the main creators of the Katyusha jet mortar, associate of Korolyov, who introduced the term “astronautics” into circulation. In 1938, he was repressed and executed. But in Starobilsk there remained the street of his name, a small exposition in the museum and memory. Also a bacteriologist Tatyana Balezina is a known to the personality of the city of Starobilsk. In 1942 she discovered a strain of penicillinum and took part in its implementation, curing thousands of wounded.

The students received a great impression from visiting the Saint Sorrow Convent and its history. The history of this institution originates in the second half of the XIX century. In 1849, the widow of the staff captain, Anna Ivanivna Bulich, at her own expense opened an orphanage for orphaned children from poor families, and two years later the first temple dedicated to the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary “Joy of All Who Sorrow” was consecrated. In 1918, the Convent was closed, persecution began. Later on, there was a POW camp on the territory of the Convent, and then a military unit of the Soviet army was located. The Convent was damaged: the bell tower and the dome of the temples were dismantled, icons and all church utensils disappeared, a pond was filled, the monastery cemetery was razed to the ground.

In 1992, the revival of monastic life began. The first divine services were performed, the first monastic vows were brought. A part of the territory was transferred, the Holy Trinity Church with adjoining cells were transferred to the possession of the monastery. The work began on the restoration of the monastery.

The tour became an important part of the student life and contributed to the adaptation of freshmen to new conditions.


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