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First aid courses

The Center for Psychosocial Adaptation continues the first aid courses.

During the existence of courses for the provision of first aid at the Center for Psychological Adaptation (the city of Starobilsk), students, teachers and staff of our University passed the training. The specialists of the Center actively contributed to the coaching work of students.

Today such studies are relevant, taking into account the tragic events in several cities and regions of our country. Therefore, the motivation to provide first aid first becomes more confident and weighty.

In the new academic year, the classes on pre-hospital care courses continued. Students from Lysychansk Pedagogical College of LTSNU became active participants of the program and passed not only the basic theoretical course, but also received important practical skills. Young people practiced exercises with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, turning over to a safe position, mastered the methods of Rautek and Geimlich. Training, which is aimed at individuals who can provide first aid to the victims in emergency, but do not have medical education, was conducted under the guidance of the representative of the Malta Helping Service Olena Golysheva.

As a result of the training, the students received knowledge of the first aid. The future plans of joint activities of the University and the CPA for the implementation of the Memorandum of Cooperation is the work in the School of Volunteers, the mastering of interesting techniques for art therapy and the help for freshmen in the process of adaptation.


According to the head of the student social
service Y.G. Dorogavtseva

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