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Meeting with Mykola Tomenko

On September 20, a meeting with the prominent political figure Mykola Tomenko took place.

On September 20, Mykola Tomenko, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, chairman of the “Native Land” Foundation, well-known political figure, happily met with students and teachers of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University.

Continuing the action “Creating the Ukrainian World”, he presented educational projects, the idea of ​​which emerged as a deliberately formed hobby in the student body – to find the forgotten culturological “highlights” of Ukraine and to promote them to the community. Ukrainian yearbooks, tutorials “Ukraine: the history of the Constitution”, DVDs “7 Wonders of Ukraine” (40 films about the most beautiful, important and interesting places in our country), audio CD “Classics of Ukrainian literature. Live Voices”, “Hearing for Ukrainian Children” became a methodological treasure trove of our library, an excellent visual material for modeling lessons for pupils in general education schools. In addition, the university library received a gift of new literature of the legal, economic and humanitarian directions, which was handed over by the Faculty of Law of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

The project activity of Mykola Tomenko and his associates is a sincere, compelling, not indifferent attitude of the real citizen to declare his position – to be proud of his native land in all its manifestations – from plant to person, from source to fortress, from East to West. This meeting inspired students of different specialties of our institution to create their own projects. We hope that this desire will give its results, and we will develop and submit “Native Luhansk region” which will interest Ukrainians.


Svitlana Negodyaeva,
Associate Professor of the Ukrainian Literature Department

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