Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Football Cup

The Football Cup, dedicated to the Day of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine, was held in the city of Kreminna.

The Cup of the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sports in mini-football among student men’s and women’s teams was held in the sport complex “Olimp” in the city of Kreminna. It was dedicated to the celebration of the Day of Physical Culture and Sports in Ukraine.

The rules of the competition presupposed the formation of team members of interests; the composition of the team – eight players (five field and one goalkeeper).

In the Cup of the IPES among men’s teams, the places were distributed as follows:

  • “Zarya”,
  • “Victoria”,
  • “Molniya”,
  • “Olimp”,
  • “Shtorm”,
  • “Swimmers”.

In the final game, the team “Zarya”, based on the third-year students majoring in “Sports”, defeated the team “Victoria” with a score of 7:2.

Two football teams – “Shaleni bdzilki” and “Cool Girls” took part in the women’s cup. The advantage on this day was clearly on the side of the first ones. The game ended with a score of 5:0.

But the main thing is that the game brought a lot of pleasure and positive emotions not only to the players, but also to the fans who watched all the matches.

The best players of the tournament were Yaroslav Onishchenko (3rd year, “Sports”) and the senior teacher of the Department of Sports Disciplines Tetyana Leonidivna Polulyaschenko.

Winners and prize-winning teams were awarded with certificates and sweet prizes from the organizers of the competition.

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