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Bronze medal of the World Games 2017

The senior teacher of the Sports Disciplines Department of the IPES Dmytro Semenenko received a new award – bronze medal of the World Games 2017.

X World Sports Games, which take place in Poland (the city of Wroclaw) and will last until July 30, gathered all the best athletes of non-Olympic sports. Among 80 athletes in the national team was the double world champion in powerlifting, Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine Dmytro Semenenko.

Dmytro, whose own weight was 104 kg, performed in a heavy category, where athletes of two weight categories were combined up to 93 kg and 105 kg. It is more difficult to fight for victory in such conditions, since not only the sum of the raised kilograms, but also the weight of the athletes are taken into account when determining the winner. The winner is determined by a special formula (Wilkes formula). A small advantage is taken to that athlete, whose own weight is less.

Dmytro collected today his record amount – 1042 kg, which allowed him to become the owner of the bronze award of the World Games. At the same time, he updated the world record in squatting in his weight category (up to 105 kg). Now it’s 432 kg! In the third approach, the athlete managed to overcome 440.5 kg (!!!). But the attempt was not defended by the judges because of a technical error – “false start”.

Congratulations to Dmytro and his coach Serhii Galiya – Honored coach of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Sports Disciplines, and wish them further success in the world’s sports competitions!


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