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New Experiments

New laboratory experiments were started at the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics, Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Summer time is associated with each of us in different ways: for someone it is a holiday by the sea, a hike in the mountains or time spent in the circle of friends and a fun company, for others – determining the future, admission campaigns, and examinations.

Also summer is the time for summing up the results of the academic year at the universities and preparing for the new academic year. At the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics, Chemistry and Biochemistry of LTSNU summer symbolizes the beginning of a hot time for completing the practical part of master’s work, setting up experiments on bioorganic synthesis and modernizing laboratory workshops for the next academic year.

This year the laboratory of organic and bioorganic synthesis of the Department began a new series of experiments on updated modern equipment and new chemical glassware from leading manufacturers in Europe, the USA and China. The basis of scientific research of the Department in this direction is the synthesis and study of the biological activity of nitrogen-containing heterocyclic systems with a bridging nitrogen atom. A significant number of master’s theses and candidate dissertations were defended in this direction. The teacher-methodologists also modernized and expanded laboratory practices of some academic disciplines at the department, in particular, the academic discipline “Chemistry of Organic Dyes”.

Therefore, the staff of the department wishes unexpected positive scientific results and prospects to all indifferent people.


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Chemistry and biochemistry

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