Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

We Met and Studied!

Despite the difficult time, war and evacuation we met and studied, we are together!

New acquaintances, friends, moves, impression, life in the dormitory, dinner together, the frequent lack of sleep, lectures, sessions, rallied relax, funny life stories, the first side job, graduate works, unforgettable teachers, skipped lessons … — all these memories will appear again and again in the thoughts, real student life proved it. This year of study will be among such memories.

The second session of the stationary lessons was held on February 16 – 21 on the premises of Starobilsk faculty at the Institute of Culture and Arts. 1 – 4 year students of “Culturology” and “Film and TV Art” specialties came to it. During the week students had the opportunity to attend lectures of department docent I.V.Tsarova (Acting Head of the Department of Culturology, Film and TV Art), and docent A.L. Lisnevska, to work on practical lessons together with the department assistants V.A. Svidovska, O.V. Cherevata and O.P. Mironova.

The students together with the teachers could visit interesting places of the city of Starobilsk: Ethnographic Open Air Museum, a monument to Kisa Vorobianov – the hero of the famous book “The Twelve Chairs” – which shows how a homeless boy asks money from the main hero Ostap Bender. During the walk in the Starobilsk city park of culture and recreation all participants had the opportunity to recall childhood and to sing children’s songs together, which were inspired by the magic sculptures of cartoon characters.

We would like to express our gratitude to the university administration that has helped with classroom provision and students’ dormitory accommodation. And we are grateful to the students for the right choice and understanding. The best and the most intelligent students are with us and this is the main thing! Cheer up! Everything will be fine!

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Acting Head of the Department of Culturology, Film and TV Art I.V. Tsarova

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