Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Students in Transcarpathia

Students of our University visited Transcarpathia. 

Within the framework of the cooperation agreement between Uzhgorod National University and Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, at the beginning of June seven students of the Institute of History, International Relations and Socio-Political Sciences and the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communications visited Uzhgorod. The trip was organized on the initiative of the lecturer of the Department of Ukrainian Philology and General Linguistics V. Lesnova and the Associate Professor of the Department of World History and International Relations A. Naboka and with the support of the Rector of Uzhgorod National University.

The program of stay in Transcarpathia was full of various activities. So, the students met with the teachers of UzhNU. The Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Igor Todorov spoke about the geopolitics of Ukraine, shared his views on Ukraine’s accession to NATO. After the lecture, the head of the Department of International Studies and Public Communications of UzhNU Serhii Ustich and the Associate Professor of the Department of World History and International Relations of LTSNU Oleksandr Naboka identified possible directions for further cooperation.

No less interesting was another event. Eugenia Napuda, the head of the service sector of the Transcarpathian Regional Universal Library named after F. Potushnyak, and Oleksanr Naboka arranged a poetic friendship evening, during which cultural bridges were built: students of LTSNU and young writers of Transcarpathia read their own poems at a round table, passing the baton to each other. Transcarpathian poetry was presented by Mar’yana Nychka, Eugenia Napuda, Tory Rom, Antonina Kornuta. These authors have different subjects of works, but they are united by the fact that they put their souls into poetry.

The contrast between the works of Vasyl Laver, who skillfully combines comedy and sadness, was somewhat surprising. Oleksii Trostiansky was struck by his skill to select exactly the words in order to describe the history of the local beggar as accurately as possible. The verses of Luhansk female students Anastasia Rudneva, Karina Kostenko and Yana Voronina did not leave the audience indifferent. This was the beginning of the friendship of the writers, and, as the organizers are convinced, in the future they will still be able to implement interesting joint cultural projects.

Another memorable event was a meeting with Oleksandr Dzembas – an archeologist, a methodologist of the Transcarpathian Center for Tourism, Local History, Excursions and Student Sports. He conducted a wonderful excursion around Nevitsky Castle, telling about his history, various guesses as to what, where, how and when archaeologists found, how events developed around the castle for centuries, when it flourished and when it fell, and also about how archaeological work was going on.

The students saw not only Uzhgorod, an interesting excursion was arranged for them by UzhNU students on the first day of their stay there, but also they saw Mukachevo with its architecture and picturesque landscapes. Vivid impressions remained from visiting Mukachevo Castle.

The walks around Kiev, which the students managed to do between the trains, were also interesting. Andreevsky Descent, Landscape alley, Vladimirsky Cathedral, Golden Gate, Shevchenko Park, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Mariinsky Park, Khreshchatyk and Podol are far from complete list of places they visited. A pleasant surprise was the cozy store “My Bookshelf” on Pushkinska Street, where they not only bought new books, but also drank coffee and pleasantly communicated.

This journey brought the youth ​​positive impressions, allowed to touch the history and modernity of the picturesque region, and the writers were inspired to write new works.


According to Olena Smitanina, student of the FUPSC
and Evgenia Shevtsova, student of ER IHIRSPS


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