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State Attestation

On June 6-9, the state attestation was held at the Department of Production Technologies and Professional Education of the Educational and Research Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism.

More than 100 graduates gathered for the final attestation. On the first day the fourth-year students majoring in “Technological Education”, “Professional Education. Transport”, “Professional Education. Technology of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products”, “Professional Education. Food technologies “,” Professional Education. Technology of Light Industry Products”, “Professional Education. Sphere of Service” within 4 hours passed the state examination by profession, which was held in writing. The contents of the tickets included both theoretical questions, and tasks for developing plans-notes of lessons, designing fragments of lessons. The students carefully prepared for the final exams, so they successfully overcame this important milestone in their professional life.

The next three days the fourth- and five-year students defended their thesis projects. The tasks of the diploma projects are designing catering establishments, car repair shops, agricultural machinery, service centers for repair of household appliances, sewing threads with the development of sewing technologies, upgrading equipment, improving repair technology, constructing devices, etc. The students majoring in “Technological Education” developed training complexes for the sections of the invariant component of the program and projects from the variable modules of the subject “Labor training” and “Technologies”.

It is necessary to note the thorough preparation of students and the content of the diploma projects, as well as the excellent protection of the diploma projects by individual students. Let us mention the fourth-year students Viktoria Savinova, Oleksandr Zabavsky, Serhii Khmelik, Alesia Berezhna, Roman Lozovy, Evgen Masliyov, Roman Horuzhenko, as well as five-year students Mykhailo Sokolov, Oleksandr Sinitsyn, Dmytro Mostovy.

Among the students majoring in “Professional Education. Food technologies” the following graduates showed good results: Yana Antufeeva, Yana Pazyura (full-time form of education); Yulia Barsuk, Oleksandr Zamkovy, Vadym Yarema (correspondence form of education).

We sincerely congratulate students on the successful completion of the training.


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