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Participation in the Project

Students of LTSNU continue to participate in the project “Consolidation of efforts to prevent and overcome the consequences of domestic violence”.

The project is being implemented by the Association of Specialists in Overcoming the Effects of Psychotrauma Events with the support of the European Union and International Alert.

Students of LTSNU with the support of the student social service of the University as part of the mobile team, which includes the postgraduate student of the Educational and Research Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, AA. Nazmiev, students-volunteers majoring in “Psychology”, “Social Pedagogy”, “Primary Education” continue to carry out visits to the village of Polovinkino. They are carrying out activities aimed at psychosocial support for families of local residents and IDPs in the villages of the Luhansk region, which were affected by the military conflict in the east of the country. According to statistics of the UN Population Fund, 82% of cases of gender-based violence occur in families. Therefore, the psychosocial support of families, the clarification of rights, duties, family functions is an important component of the peacekeeping process in Ukraine.

During the last meeting with teenagers, the specialists of the mobile brigade conducted a communicative training. Participants of the training mastered the skills of stress management, learned about ways to reduce aggression and overcome anxiety in situations of confusion, intense excitement and stress with the help of breathing and muscle relaxation, and also explored ways of own psychological recovery through creative activity. Sometimes very simple things, such as weaving dolls, drawing, needlework can be very effective for restoring a person’s internal resources.

Residents of the villages of Starobilsk district can apply to the Center for Psychosocial Adaptation, get a brief consultation by phone and invite a mobile team to the settlement.


According to the Student Social Service

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