Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Ukrainian-Polish Delegation

On Vyshyvanka Day, May 18, the University was visited by the Ukrainian-Polish delegation.

The delegation consisted of Ukrainian and Polish cultural figures, headed by Mykhailo Sidorzhevsky – chairman of the National Writers’ Union of Ukraine, Ukrainian public figure, publicist, poet. The visit took place within the framework of the International Shevchenko Literary and Artistic Festival “In the free, new family …”. It is not by chance that our University was chosen as the venue for celebration in the Luhansk region, since from 1939 it bears the name of the great Kobzar, a fighter for the independence of Ukraine and the will of the Ukrainian people.

In addition to the chairman of the NWUU, the delegation included:

Božena Boba-Dyga is a famous Polish poet, author of the books “Silvii von Silbernstein’s Cache” (2003, 2006), “Drop” (2007), “The smell of Chestnuts” (2013), etc .; Member of the Society of Polish Writers, as well as the Association of Polish Artists and Designers;

Bohdana Haivoronska is a graduate of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, poetess, journalist, chairman of the Luhansk regional organization of the National Writers’ Union of Ukraine, secretary of the NWUU for work with young authors; Member of the Admission Committee and the NWUU Expert Commission (nomination of poetry) of the National Literary Prize named after Taras Shevchenko;

Kateryna Devdera – Ukrainian poetess, translator; Member of the National Writers’ Union of Ukraine; the author of books of poems “Coexistence” (2011), “Letters and Elements” (2015); Author of translations of poems by Božena Boba-Dyga “The smell of chestnuts” (2013), etc.

The guests began acquaintance with the University with a visit to the exhibition of embroideries “Veselkoyu splelysia kolyory” and meetings with the Rector of the University Serhii Savchenko, Vice-Rectors Oleksandr Babichev, Dmytro Uzhchenko, Oleksandr Meniailenko as well as teachers and students.

Guests listened to stories about the history of the University, the tragic events in Luhansk in 2014, the evacuation and restoration of the University, the successes and victories of the University already in evacuation. The guests were impressed with the patriotism and perseverance of the spirit of teachers and students, devotion to the Alma Mater and the motherland.

The main event was a meeting with students, which took place in the assembly hall. The chairman of the National Writers’ Union of Ukraine Mykhailo Sidorzhevsky addressed students and the rest of guests – famous Ukrainian and Polish poets – read their latest works full of love for Ukraine, pain for the fate of the Ukrainian people, sharp condemnation of aggression and crimes in the East of Ukraine from RF. The culmination of the meeting was the execution by the Polish poetess Bozhena Boba-Dyga of the author’s works in a virtuoso musical accompaniment to the accordion.

The whole hall was fascinated by the actions on the stage. The listeners did not let the guests applaud for a long time. After the meeting with the students, the delegation also visited the regional holiday dedicated to the Day of Europe, which took place in the central square of Starobilsk.

In memory of the meeting the guests presented collections of poems with autographs to the staff of the University. They have replenished the university’s scientific library, and now everyone can learn modern Ukrainian and Polish poetry.

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