Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Promises of Double Diplomas

Self-appointed LNR keeps promising double diplomas.

During the first semester evacuated universities of Luhansk region had an adequate educational process logical conclusion of which was state exams and state-recognized diplomas issuing. Instead in so-called LNR there are still just promises to issue academic documents which will be recognized in CIS countries. So with the help of media controlled by separatists there was information about agreement concerning double diplomas. Recently informational space of Luhansk region was full with the articles containing the speech of pseudo-minister Lesia Laptieva and information about double diplomas and automatic recognition of LNR diplomas in Russian Federation.

In our opinion since the very beginning the automatic diploma recognition has cause doubts and on February 13 one of the deputes of so-called LNR public soviet refuted the words of his minister. Dmytro Sidorov declared that local-recognized diplomas would be recognized only in LNR but if desired the graduates can take exams in Russian universities and obtain Russian diplomas. Such way of double diplomas issuing raised a lot of questions. According to Sidorov’s words academic program of LNR are close to the one in Russian Federation. Probably universities in LNR managed to rework the programs but diplomas will be given to the 4th – 5th year students who all previous years were studying according to the Ukrainian curriculums which are significantly different from the Russian ones. In general, to take state exams in Russian universities one needs at first to enter them, at least for external studies. It will cause the problems with licensing volume which can’t be unlimited. Besides obviously state-funded places in Russia are for the Russians first of all.

So, if a student from LNR wishes to obtain Russian diploma he or she needs to enter one of the Russian universities, make academic difference, state exams and pay for the contract even if he or she studied on a budget before. There is a logical question: what are these complications for? Isn’t it easier to graduate from Ukrainian university and obtain diploma recognized all over the world including Russian Federation? Besides the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine proclaimed that academic documents from LNR and DNR including the Russian ones will be not recognized in our country.

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