Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Around Gogol’s places …

On April 27, teachers and students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​went on an excursion around the famous Gogol’s places.

The road ran through the village of Gogoleve to the village of Dykanka. Also, they visited the Ukrainian Wedding Museum in the village of Velyki Budyshcha.

The museum-reserve of N.V. Gogol is on the territory of the Gogol-Yanovsky estate in the village of Gogoleve. Here Gogol spent his childhood. The memorial and literary exposition occupies ten rooms. The interiors of the rooms are restored; Gogol’s cabinet with personal belongings was recreated in the wing, where he lived, when came home in recent years (1848-1851).

Gogol collected a large folklore material in his native lands. A story about this aspect of the writer’s work is accompanied by a large ethnographic exposition. On the 200th anniversary of the birth of N.V. Gogol museum-estate was updated. You can take a leisurely stroll, see a pond, cozy gazebos, a grotto on the territory of the museum.

At the mention of the word “Dykanka” many people have an image of a rich and blossoming Ukraine, something very mysterious, mystical … Glory to this place was brought by immortal works of N.V. Gogol “Vechera na Hutore Bliz Dikanki” (Evenings on a Farm near Dykanka).

Gogol found many prototypes of his works in the village of Dykanka. There are two churches associated with the name of N.V. Gogol: Nikolayevskaya and Troitskaya. Nikolaevskaya church was built by the architect Mykola Lvov in 1794. It was considered generic, princes and their rich guests prayed in it. There are also famous Kochubei oaks, where, according to the legend, Motrya Kochubei and Ivan Mazepa met. Kochubei oaks in Dykanka are a monument of nature and history. Three oaks growing in a row are the remains of a large oak avenue adorning the entrance to the Kochubeev manor on the ancient Poltava road, run through the Nikolayevsky forest.

The Ukrainian Wedding Museum was opened in 2008 in the Culture House of Velyki Budyshcha near the village of Dykanka. The exposition presents the wedding decoration of different times, household items, embroidered shirts and towels. The most interesting is that the students were offered to participate in the reconstruction of the rite of the traditional Ukrainian wedding. Even foreign students of our Faculty took part in this action.

Good weather, picturesque blooming nature – all this contributed to the tour was in a relaxed, joyful atmosphere. All students and teachers who went on an excursion expressed their gratitude to the organizer of the event – the teacher of the Department of Theory and Practice of Translation Maryna Nazarenko.


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