Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Streetball Spartakiad

On April 7 was held the final kind of Spartakiad of the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports – Streetball.

Streetball is a team game with a ball, comes from basketball. Usually in classic streetball every teams contains of three players. The venue is limited to the traditional central line, that is, it is half the traditional basketball court with one basket. The game goes “on one ring.”

Five teams took part in the competitions: specialties “Sports”, “Physical Culture and Sports, Sports” (PCSS), “Physical Education” (PE), “Secondary Education, Physical Culture” (SE-PC), combined team “Human Health” and “Physical Rehabilitation” (HH + PR).

In the final part, which included three teams (PCSS, PE, SE-PC), the competitions were held on a circular system, when all the teams met with each other in a certain sequence.

Game results: PCSS – PE: 10 – 4; SE-PC – PE: 10 – 5. The decisive game, in which the teams PCSS (the captain of the team is Vitalii Kondratenko) and SE-PC (the captain is Valeria Gorelova) met, was very tense. The account changed in favor of one or the other team. As a result, the team of the specialty “Physical Culture and Sports, Sports” turned out to be stronger: 11:9.

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