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LNU Students Made a Video About Fallen Aidar-Soldier

A video dedicated to the memory of one of the died fighters of Aidar battalion Yurii Polieno was created by the students of LNU Starobilsk Faculty.

Snizhana Prutskykh and Vladyslav Klymenko told about courage and heroism of Aidar-soldier in their tape within the competition named “Дякую тобі! (Thank You!)”.

“Since the beginning of the battle actions Yurii has gone to defend everything native and dear to him. He was among the first to join Aidar battalion. His main motivation was the phrase: “I swore to defend my Motherland – Ukraine!” – is described in the competitive work.

Thirty years old Yurii died on October 15 near Slavianoserbsk. Today such people like he are called the real heroes who were brave to take up the struggle for the unity of their country. “We decided to hold this competition to pay attention to the feat that Ukrainian defenders perform every day. Besides we do everything our students to be the real patriots and love their Motherland”, – emphasized at LNU.

Video about one of the modern heroes was marked with the highest grades and the authors took the first place. “Пам’ятай про них щохвилини (Remember Them Every Minute)” – video of the students of group ПО-1 took the second place. There is a video tape “Повертайся живим (Come Back Alive)” of the second year students of the “Social Pedagogy” specialty in the third position. It was very difficult to define the winner. “All works deserve to be the first ones. Each of them touches the soul, and when you watch them your skin crawls”.

Here you can find all videos which took the first places:

I place – video tape of the students of group ПО-1(9) of “Elementary Education” specialty of Starobilsk Humanitarian and Pedagogical College of LNU Vladyslav Klymenko, Snizhana Prutskykh Дякую тобі, людино з серцем Прометея! (Thank You a Person With the Heart of Prometheus!)” (http://youtu.be/ZHZTmVh0Z2k).

II place – video tape of the students of group ПО-1 of LNU Starobilsk Faculty Пам’ятай про них щохвилини (Remember Them Every Minute)” (http://youtu.be/MGm9ux_VNGg).

III place – video tape of the second year students of “Social Pedagogy” specialty of LNU Starobilsk faculty “Повертайся живим (Come Back Alive)” (http://youtu.be/TqGZaQ9q60c).

Also there was the competition of the pictures “Моя країна – моя любов! (My Country is My Love)” at the same time. The students expressed their emotions with the help of objective, focused attention on the important moments that show their love to Ukraine. The winners are the following:

I place – the picture of the third year student of “Journalism” specialty of the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology of LNU Anastasiia Zarechenskova “І немає ріднішого місця в усьому світі, аніж земля, де ти народився (There Is No Place More Lovely in the World Than the Land You Was Born At)”.

II place – the picture of the teacher of the Department of Oriental Languages of LNU Yuliia Albertivna Pisklova “В серці кожної дитини живе любов до України (Love to Ukraine Lives in the Heart of Every Child)”.

III place – the picture of the first year student of “Elementary Education” specialty of Starobilsk Faculty of LNU Yuliia Lazurko “Святогорська Лавра (Sviatohorska Lavra).

Both competitions were at the initiative of Student Social Service of LNU supported by the public organizations “Svatove Regional Center “Ridna Zemlia”, Ukrainian Kozatstvo “Svatove Sich” Polk” and Starobilsk public organization “Volia” with the assistance of “TeleHazeta”.

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