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Days of Science – 2017

The All-Ukrainian Student Scientific-Practical Conference was held within the framework of the Days of Science – 2017.

The conference “Modern problems of physical education and sports: the view of youth” was held at the Lysychansk Pedagogical College in cooperation with representatives of the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports of LTSNU with the participation of more than 80 students.

The program of the conference consisted of the plenary session and the work of sections on the directions: “Physical rehabilitation and human health”, “Physical education”, “Olympic and professional sports”, whose speeches were conducted online.

The plenary session was opened by L.Yu. Tararyva, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, PhD in Philology, teacher of philological disciplines. She congratulated the participants of the conference and wished them strength for the future. The topic of the speeches was diverse and revealed topical issues.

The problems of the field of physical education and physical rehabilitation were revealed by the scientists of the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports O.V. Varovenko (Ph.D., Associate Professor, doctoral student of the Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education), O. A. Vinogradov (Ph.D., Associate Professor – Head of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation and Human Health).

Teachers of the College S.A. Kroshka, K.I. Lyashenko, N.V. Sergienko determined the strategy for the development of the system of physical education of student youth, the implementation of which should ensure the formation of youth outlooks and value orientations among young people, fostering a responsible attitude towards their own health, healthy lifestyle and safe conditions of the educational process, physical and spiritual development of the use of ICT.

At the sectional sessions, the students of the College and the Institute of Physical Education and Sports showed scientific, cultural, intellectual potential for the preservation and strengthening of health, which is an important cultural, educational, economic and socio-political problem. During the reports, students revealed the current problems of preserving and strengthening health, education with special needs, education in the context of the ATO, the use of innovative technologies, vocational physical training, taking into account the peculiarities of future pedagogical activity, the issues of the operation of the SMG, the improvement of sportsmanship, safety rules during the educational process, national-patriotic education, etc.

Representatives of the student community received certificates of the participants of the All-Ukrainian Student Scientific-Practical Conference “Modern problems of physical education and sport: the view of youth”.

During the round table discussion, the range of issues for further cooperation in joint scientific projects was outlined.


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