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Labor Protection Day

Starobilsk Humanitarian and Pedagogical College and the College of LTSNU hosted events dedicated to the Labor Protection Day.

On April 28, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work was declared. On this day, more than one hundred countries around the world are carrying out activities aimed at drawing public attention to unresolved problems in this matter in order to improve the culture of labor protection and to reduce the annual death rate in the workplace and prevent occupational diseases.

The issue of occupational health, prevention of stress and professional burnout is constantly in sight of the entire collective of educational institutions. The Center for Psychosocial Adaptation in Starobilsk, where both teachers and students of colleges are quite frequent guests and are very pleased to participate in trainings, conversations, master classes, are of great help in solving them.

On April 27, 2017, testing was carried out among the teachers of the colleges in order to identify the level of professional burnout; and advices of the psychologist on their overcoming and prevention were provided.

On the same day, an initiative group of students led by the Deputy Directors on Educational Work N.V. Voitenko and Yu.M. Ivanova conducted an information hour on the topic “Safety is Life”, dedicated to the problem of the risks of professions, which are trained in colleges. During the seminar, the specialist of the University L.Ye. Kornienko provided useful and interesting information about the dangers of prolonged work at the computer, the insufficiency of the motor activity of modern student youth, disregard for the elementary norms of safety of life activity, and offered a number of useful tips for preventing and overcoming health problems. At the end of the event, students concluded that the best employee is a healthy worker.

Students majoring in “Document management” to the Labor Protection Day developed interesting information booklets “Stress and professional burnout of a teacher” and “Stress in the life of a university student”. Student self-government of the College of LTSNU organized a wall newspaper contest on “Safety of work in the profession”, where the work of students majoring in “Design” won.

On April 28, the teacher of labor protection V.G. Soldatenko held an open lesson dedicated to the World Day of Labor Protection.


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