Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The School of Creative Growth

The next lesson of the School of Creative Growth took place at the Starobilsk branch of the Regional Center for Vocational Education of LTSNU.

The lesson was in the form of the teacher’s discussion platform on “Ways to eliminate gaps in the knowledge of students in vocational schools”.

During the methodical dialogue, a review of scientific and methodological literature, periodicals of the library fund of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University was offered, the reasons and manifestation of the underachievement of students, the strategy for eliminating knowledge gaps and their prevention are presented. According to the survey of our teachers, the reasons for underachievement of schoolchildren are a weak development of thinking – 17%; a low level of skills in training activities – 38%; a large number of passes – 20%; indiscipline – 25%.

In the big game with the teachers “Exam” the theoretical knowledge on the chosen problem was checked through the solution of various tasks for orienting the teaching staff for a differentiated approach to pupils, focusing on improving the methods of teaching subjects, determining the correspondence between the didactic causes of underachievement and their objects, between the causes of manifestation gaps in knowledge of pupils and methodical techniques for their elimination, tests.

The arsenal of the modern teacher contains a lot of methods for implementing activities for their implementation and correction, therefore, according to the technology “Circle of Ideas” for the discussion, speakers spoke about the choice and implementation of methods and techniques for overcoming the pupils’ poor progress (N.I. Maistrenko, E.S. Ploskonos, A.V. Luhansky). The experience of integration into the teaching and production process was presented by the teachers M.F. Schepetilnikova and O.I. Goldanova.

The most important condition for pedagogical mastery is pedagogical erudition. “If you want to teach others you should study tor a long time.” – H. Skovoroda said. Encyclopaedic knowledge is the leading characteristic of a teacher’s erudition, since pupils can ask a question from any sphere, so teachers performed the exercise “ERUDIT” – a blitz poll on various activities.

At the workshop, the “Professional Emblem of a Teacher” was modeled. Each methodical commission was offered the preparation of drawings, images of the inalienable features of the teacher and the master of industrial training. They obtained a unique gallery of alternative life positions of the modern professional educator.

Thus, it was determined that the overcoming of underachievement contributes to the study of the real educational possibilities of pupils, the unity of action in the pedagogical team.


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