Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

“Luhansk Region: Local Lore Exploration”

LTSNU hosted the scientific and practical conference “Luhansk region: local lore exploration”.

In modern realities, the educational and uniting potential of the history of the Motherland and the native land becomes especially significant, playing an important role in multiplying and introducing a variety of local history functions. Scientists of our University are members of many scientific societies, among which the National Union of Local History of Ukraine is a voluntary association of professional researchers and chroniclers of the native land.

Thanks to the efforts of the members of the Union, during the years of forced evacuation, traditional conferences that were held annually before the beginning of military events were restored. Teachers from different regions of Ukraine, as well as students of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University took part in the scientific event. Scientists from Kyiv, Kamenets-Podilsk and various districts of Luhansk region sent their works.

The scientific-practical conference began with a greeting from the Chairman of the Luhansk regional organization of the National Union of Local History of Ukraine Vitalii Semenovych Kurylo. He congratulated all those present and noted that the work on exploring the history of the native land is interesting and requires effort.

The Director of Luhansk Regional Universal Scientific Library named after M.Gorky I.P. Ribyantseva and the teacher of history and jurisprudence of the Starobilsk secondary school of І-ІІ degrees No. 1 D.V. Luk’yanenko. They stressed the important role of the conference and local history work for the development of the region and the comprehension of contemporary events.

Students of the Starobilsk schools were also present at the event, who were awarded with honored diplomas for love of their native land and their indifference to the history of the small Motherland.

Participants’ reports were devoted to various topical issues, in particular:

  • Development of technical universities in Donbass in the mid-1950s – mid-1980s;
  • The importance of pedagogical dynasties in the educational process and the formation of a civic stand of young people;
  • Activities of the Luhansk locomotive plant and its founder;
  • Patronage activities in Starobilsk in the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The reports of the Chairman of Luhansk Regional Organization of the National Union of Local History of Ukraine on the topic “The main stages of the history of Luhansk region” and the teacher of history and jurisprudence of the Starobilsk school of І-ІІ degrees No. 1 D.V. Luk’yanenko were particularly relevant and debated. The scientists told about the main historical events of the development of our native land, the outstanding personalities of Starobilsk land and the development of the region during the independence of Ukraine.

After the break, students of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University presented their speeches, which, with the support of scientific leaders, responsibly treated the work and their own research. The youth spoke about the situation of the peasantry of Starobilsk and Belovodsk during the period of collectivization, the activities of Nestor Makhno, the exploit of Vasyl Derevyanko, the history of the Troitskoe settlement. Students studied the poetic works of Hanna Gaivoronska, Ivan Dzyuba and Ivan Savych.

The scientific and practical conference activated the local history movement, each of the participants acquired new knowledge about the history of the Luhansk region, its outstanding figures. The hard work continues, according to the results of the scientific event a collection will be published, which will include the teachers’ research and works.


Oleg Chernysh, Press Center of LTSNU

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