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Faculty of Natural Sciences is 94 years old

In the last days of March, the Faculty of Natural Sciences traditionally celebrates its birthday. This year it turned 94 years old.

Our Faculty is one of the oldest educational subdivisions of the University. Its history began in 1923 with the beginning of the chemical and natural cabinets at the Faculty of Social Education of the Donetsk Institute of Public Education.

In 1927, the Faculty of Social Education was transformed into the Faculty of Vocational Education where two branches of the natural direction were open. In 1932, the Faculty of Vocational Education was transformed into a Teacher’s Institute, in which the Geographical Faculty was founded in 1933. In 1934, the Agrobiological Department was transformed into the Chemical Faculty, and in 1936 – into the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Chemistry. Since 1951, these two faculties were merged into the Natural-Geographical Faculty, which existed until 2009, when it was transformed into the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Today there are five departments in the faculty structure, which train specialists in 10 specialties.

The flashmob “I love FNS!” was held to the holiday, in which students and teachers of the Faculty took part. At the end, the participants of the flashmob released into the sky the symbolic balloons of the “desire” of greenish-yellow color.

Also, a festive copy of the faculty newspaper “Natural Herald” was released, in which photographs from the life of the Faculty in 2016-2017 were posted as well as the history of the Faculty and best wishes from students and the faculty administration.

“Today is birthday of our favorite Faculty! Congratulations on the 94th anniversary! I wish us prosperity, high results in studies and work, reaching new heights in all specializations of our Faculty! Brilliant ideas, easy realization, and most importantly – pride for our beautiful Faculty! Congratulations! “

The student dean Valentyna Shpota, 3 year,
Specialty “Laboratory diagnostics”

“Dear our teachers and students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences! We congratulate you on the birthday of our Faculty. Student years at the FNS are the brightest moments in our life, because we have a lot of interesting specialties in which we invest our soul, mind and skills in order to become professionals in our business. We can and want to create bright moments in the life of our Faculty and are very grateful for the support of our second family.

We wish the Faculty of Natural Sciences success, prosperity, peace, and educate even more highly qualified specialists. “

1st year students majoring in “Biology”


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