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The Decade of the Profession

The decade of the profession “Car Mechanic” took place in the Regional Center for Vocational Education of LTSNU.  

The decade of the profession “Car Mechanic” with the subjects “Physics”, “Chemistry”, “Biology” and “Geography” was held in the Starobilsk department of the Regional Center for Vocational Education of LTSNU.

The Decade was opened by an information exhibition, where the thematic wall newspapers and photos from the previous decades of the profession were presented. Within the framework of the decade, various events were held: open lessons of theoretical and industrial training, extra-curricular thematic events.

The organization and conducting of the decades of professions with subjects of general education contributes to the identification of the creative, non-standard approach of the teacher and master to the integrated teaching and education of students, the improvement of the professional skills of teachers and the enrichment of pedagogical experience.

The master of production training V.A. Popilnuha held an excursion to the enterprise (“SRT”) with the first-year students with the purpose to learn about the local enterprise – PJSC “Luhansk -Auto”, its production process, principles of location, organization and structure of production, the maintenance of the mechanic’s work on car repairs.

During the open and integrated lesson (geography, physics, biology, chemistry) on the topic: “The impact of human activities on the state of the biosphere. The ecological crisis of modern times” the teachers L.E. Sirenko and E.V. Fedoseuk realized the following tasks: to develop critical thinking, attention, memory, to form ecological thinking, to cultivate a careful attitude to the environment and health, to form an active life position. In addition, they held an open extra-curricular event “The Basics of a Healthy Lifestyle” with the aim of promoting healthy and active lifestyles among students.

While watching the documentary “Home” (directed by Luc Besson), the students learned about the influence of humanity on the planet Earth.


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