Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Worthy Finals

Futsal competitions took place at the University.

After some prolonged break, the sports competitions in the university hall were resumed. Eight men’s teams played the spring futsal championship. Teams by lot were divided into two groups. After the games in a circular pattern, two strongest teams were determined in the groups.

Then the best four teams played among themselves and determined the winner of the spring championship. Two teams were considered to be the favorites of the competition: the College of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University and the combined team of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports and the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology.

Dmytro Zinchenko (IPP) significantly strengthened the last team. The players of the favorite teams played in one team during the winter – the combined university team at the winter futsal championship of Starobilsk. Therefore, the preparation of these teams was much better.

As games in groups showed, these teams outplayed their rivals confidently and took first places in the groups. Other teams demonstrated a good game, but due to lack of time for training in the hall, the teams did not show the game that they owned in the autumn championship. The second team of the College of LNU, reinforced by Kyrylo Sysoenko from the Faculty of Natural Sciences as well as the combined team of IPES, LTSNU College and IHIRSPS surprised by the game in the group tournament. These teams took second place in the groups and went to the final four.

Everyone was looking forward to the games of the final four and the main intrigue of the championship. The combined team of LTSNU College and Faculty of Natural Sciences played against the combined team of the IPES, LTSNU College and IHIRSPS. The match ended in a draw – 4:4. This result took the team of LTSNU College and FNS to the third place.

Both players and fans were looking to the match of favorites: LTSNU College against the combined team of IPES and IPP.

The main players of the College were Maksym Popov (in the gates) and field players: Vladislav Barabash, Ivan Nalyvaiko, Oleksii Kobets and Yevgen Korachansky. They played against the students of the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports including the goalkeeper Serhii Khurda, field players: Artem Skachkov, Maksym Reshetnyak, Mykhailo Nosal and the “psychologist” Dmytro Zinchenko. The game of the latter influenced well on the positive result for the team.

This match was the decoration of the Championship. There were quick attacks, good possession of the ball. And it was unknown who will be the winner until the last minute of the match.  

At the second minute, Oleksii Kobets scored, Dmytro Zinchenko scored twice at the end of the first half. Ivan Nalyvaiko scored the last goal on the last minute of the game, leveling the score 2:2. Again, the winner was determined by the best difference of the goals. According to it, the combined team of IPES and IPP became the owner of the Rectorate’s Cup.  

The best scorer was Vladislav Barabash – 14 goals; and Dmytro Zinchenko was named the best player.

Chairman of the Sports Club
Petro Yaroshenko

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