Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Ecological Action

On March 27, on the initiative of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, an ecological action was organized and conducted together with the State Enterprise “Starobilsk Forestry Hunting Farm”.

Within the framework of the action, students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Institute of Physical Education and Sports conducted the planting of pines in the territory of the Starobilsk Forestry Hunting Farm.

“We can make a contribution to the protection of the nature of our region by planting a forest. This is a good and necessary work. At the same time, we received the practical skills of our future profession,” – the 1st-year student majoring in “Garden and Park Facilities” Kyrylo Sisovenko said.

To date, another plot of Starobilsk area has been replenished with young plantations of the future forest. In tens of years, Starobilsk citizens will be able to admire the powerful, branching pines. And it all started with a small seedling …

Thus, during the ecological action, students took over the experience of foresters how to create their own forest plantations and enjoyed direct contact with nature. In the future, they expressed a desire to conduct such interesting and useful actions as often as possible.


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