Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The Evening of Romance

On March 24, an evening dedicated to the history and development of the romance was held on the basis of the Starobilsk Children’s and Youth Library.

The evening was attended by students of the Educational and Research Institute of History, International Relations and Social and Political Sciences.

The host of the event Victoria N. Kishchak invited all the guests to the magical world of the romance. At the evening, musical compositions concerning the initial stage of the development of the romance were sounded including the cycles of Spanish national songs of romancero.

Then the romances in the classical style and rock-processing of Starobilsk famous bard Oleksandr Popov were performed. The musician performed the author’s compositions “Winter Evening” (“The Candle Burned”) on poems by B. Pastrenac and “Melody of Spring” on verses of his friend, the resident of Starobilsk A. Gerasimenko.

The second-year students majoring in “History” and “Social Work” Eugenia Shevtsova and Arina Belovodska performed musical compositions “In the Lunar Radiance” and “The Little Sister”.

The evening was accompanied by the recitation of poems by B. Pasternak in the performance of the laboratory assistant of the Department of Political Science and Law Iryna Borovenska, as well as the author’s poems by Hanna Musina.

The musical compositions and choreographic performances of students from Starobilsk Regional Medical School were showed at the event. Tetiana Shapar finished the evening with a wonderful performance of the Ukrainian romance “Oi, u vyshnevomu sadu”.

The guests were deeply impressed by the action and did not restrain their enthusiasm. The romance evening took place in a cozy atmosphere, all present discovered new acquaintanceships with the talented people of Starobilsk district.


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