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Interview with the chairman of the student government

The chairman of the student government Yaroslav Chepel told about the work plans of students.

On March 22, elections of the chairman of the student self-government took place at LTSNU. According to the results of secret voting the student of the Educational and Research Institute of Economy and Business Yaroslav Chepel was elected the chairman. The young man told about the peculiarities of his preparation for the elections and plans for the future.

Yaroslav, by results of the student voting you have won. What are your impressions of the elections, did you manage to accomplish your tasks in preparation for the elections?

First of all, I was impressed by the support of students. During my speech, students asked questions that interested them, and, therefore, in my opinion, interaction between students and members of the self-government was established. I am pleased with my speech and determined the directions for further work.

How was your preparation for the elections?

The preparation was quite difficult, but communication with students helped. Everyone with whom I talked iformed me about the current problems and provided suggestions for solving them. An important place in the preparation for the elections was taken by the university administration explaining the activities of the self-government and ways to improve it.

What are the main tasks facing the student self-government?

It is necessary to develop a clear structure of the activity of self-government, to attain the presence at meetings of the self-government not only of all its members, but also of active students.

What are the main changes are expected by student self-government, and how will this affect the development of the University?

Among the priority tasks is the interest and attraction of students to various events. It is necessary to solve the actual problems facing the students, to maintain a relationship with institutions and enterprises in order to attract experienced professionals who will help in the realization of our ideas.

What do you recommend to students who wish to lead the self-government in the future?

In the first place I would wish patience. It is a responsible business to lead the student self-government, therefore it is necessary to realize one’s own responsibility and fight to the end.

The formula for success is from the new chairman of the student self-government of LTSNU.

Communicate with people around you and work on your own mistakes.

The Directorate of the Educational and Research Institute of Economy and Business played a major role in the victory of Yaroslav Chepel in the elections of the student self-government. The Deputy Director for Social and Humanitarian Work of the Institute Svitlana S. Kharkovska told about the preparation of the student for a responsible stage in his life.

Svitlana Semenivna, how much was expected for you Yaroslav’s victory and how did the Directorate help the student?

We constantly supported our student and, of course, supported Yaroslav during the meeting and elections. And the entire Directorate was confident that our student would be the winner.

What, in your opinion, helped Yaroslav to win?

First of all, such important features as purposefulness, overcoming difficulties, active interaction and taking into account the opinions of students and teachers helped to win.

How did Yaroslav prove himself in the studies and public life of the University?

After admission to our University, Yaroslav immediately manifested himself as an active and sociable person. He is engaged in sports activities, founded the kettlebell lifting section and plans to organize a gym with the support of the University Administration, which can be visited by students and teachers. We will continue to support Yaroslav and help him in his work in the student self-government.

The student self-government of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University faces important tasks, including the continuation of long-standing traditions, the activation of the student team and the unification of youth to achieve a common goal – the development of our native Alma Mater. The newly elected chairman of the student self-government is determined to change the life of the University for the better.


Oleg Chernysh, Press Center of LTSNU

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