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Master Class

The teacher and students of Bryanka College at the exhibition “Modern Educational Institutions – 2017” conducted a master class on “Creating a fantasy image using postiche and body art elements.”

During the International Exhibition “Modern Educational Institutions – 2017” the teacher of Bryanka College Olga V. Vishchenko and students majoring in “Design” (specialization is “Hairdressing and decorative cosmetics”) within the project “Innovative approaches in educational institutions in the process of personality formation and education of a citizen-patriot” conducted a master class on the topic “Creating a fantasy image using the postiche and body art elements.”

The master class is one of the effective forms of disseminating one’s own pedagogical experience. Therefore, modern artworks created by representatives of Bryanka College were interesting for many visitors of the Exhibition.

During the master class, it was presented the author’s technology of manufacturing postiche products by the method of modern nodal weaving and modeling of a fantasy hairstyle using the elements of postiche. Postiche products are widely used in the evening, competitive, wedding and fantasy hairstyles.

One can make a variety of flowers, leaves, bunches of grapes, even create a whole composition from the hair. A hairdress is a whole technological process, as a result of which a real work is being created around the head – an artistic drawing. In order to create a complete harmonious image for the organic look of a fantasy hairstyle and make-up masters use a variety of accessories and a costume. The use of the elements of face art involves the application of decorative cosmetics, accessories and make-up on the face.

Holding a master class at the Exhibition, as a form of presentation of experience, was chosen by the teacher of Bryanka College not accidentally. This is a special form of transfer of knowledge and skills, exchange of experience in teaching and upbringing, the central link of which is the demonstration of original methods of mastering a certain content with the active role of all participants of the lesson. The effectiveness of the master class on creating a fantasy image was due to factors such as: presentation, exclusivity, optimality, adaptability and artistry. This allowed ensuring the popularity of the master class at the Exhibition “Modern Educational Institutions – 2017”.

According to the Director of the College M.S. Sapijak, teachers work hard and plan to conduct similar master classes in the future, developing their own College and University.


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