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Student social service makes a progress report!

Student social service makes a progress report.

This January Student social service (SSS) has organized the following actions and events:

There is good cooperation with social services and state bodies of social protection for the execution of documentation, migrant certificates, provision of humanitarian assistance (the students who are in difficult life circumstances may get free consulting assistance).

There is organized interconnection with public organizations of Starobilsk and other cities (including Svatovo), regional and Ukrainian ones. There are working volunteer groups on provision of assistance to the distressed: pensioners, invalids and migrants.

In cooperation with “Starobilsk public organization “Volia” there were the events dedicated to Reunion Day of Ukraine (active participation in the preparation and holding a teleconference with Ivano-Frankivsk, the village of Pukov of Ivano-Frankivsk region and with “Asov” battalion).Besides the All-Ukrainian action “We are United From Donbas to Halychyna!” has been held that day. Over the action 62 meters long tape with wishes was bounded. The wishes were left by the students, teachers, university employees and action participants. The tape was sent to the action organizing committee where it was added to the All-Ukrainian one. The total length of tape in Ukraine is 2200 meters.


Indefinite action among LNU students, teachers and employees on blood donation for the patients of the military hospital located in the city of Svatovo was arranged. So far 18 persons have taken part in it. Blood donation has become weekly.

“United Family” association started its work in cooperation with “Volia” organization. The representatives of public organizations, state structures, temporarily migrated persons, students, and volunteers take part in its work. Here you can find consulting assistance (booklets with information for execution of migrant certificate, “road maps” for people leaving, address and telephone numbers of necessary organizations; regulating laws and regulations), psychological assistance, “round tables” to figure out people needs and next coordination of work. Association working plans: a round table “One Problem – Many Solutions” (a meeting with the experts of different fields), “Generations Unity” – a meeting with old-timers of the city of Starobilsk, etc. The project supposes a creation of full time public associations in the future.

There is organized delivery of humanitarian assistance for migrants – students, employees and teachers. Humanitarian assistance is delivered from “Red Cross”, the UN Refugee Agency, “Self-Help” public organization and other donation organizations. Data base of migrants is created.

Subsidized students are paid scholarship and other social benefits regulated by the Law of Ukraine.

Two competitions were held. The competent jury is working now. The award will be on January 10. The winners will obtain the certificates and value prizes from the sponsors. The best materials will be posted on the website, in press and on television.

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