Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Participation in the Conference

Conference of a Common Project of U. S. Embassy in Ukraine and American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS.

The Conference of Pedagogical Mastery and Teachers’ achievements “New Contents in Education: Competence and Competence-based Approach in Education” was held in the premises of official Microsoft representative action office in Ukraine on February, 23th -25th of 2017, which Svitlana Shekhavtsova, the Head of Romance and Germanic Philology attended. The conference was organized within the framework of common project of Press, Education and Culture Department of USA Embassy(PAS) and American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS.

Such questions were discussed within the frameworks of the conference:

  • A change in educational paradigm: what is a competence-based approach and why is it relevant for modern education?
  • “New Ukrainian school” concept: what changes are waiting for secondary school in Ukraine?
  • Values and academic culture: the role of academic virtue in new school culture formation.
  • The international context: the best international experience and why is it important to be involved in international education process?

The conference was the unique opportunity for The Program of pedagogical mastery and teachers’ achievements E-Teacher 2012 graduators who completed the course of online course creation for ESP (English for Specific Purposes) in University of Oregon Linguistics (Oregon State) to share their own experience, to learn colleagues’ experience, to find out more about new and already realized projects in the sphere of secondary education, to keep a professional connection with colleagues and to organize further collaboration.

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