Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Celebration of Shrovetide

The Faculty of Natural Sciences celebrated Shrovetide.

Shrovetide is the ancient Slavic festival, which remained since pagan culture and preserved to the present day. In Ukraine, Shrovetide traditionally is a pompous event. On Shrovetide, people bake pancakes as a symbol of warmth, sun, victory of spring over winter.

Students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences do not forget about this ancient holiday. They decided to demonstrate popular traditions associated with the celebration of the Shrovetide week. They visited the university administration, the native dean’s office and other structural subdivisions of the university with congratulations and prepared their own pancakes, dumplings. All this helped to feel the arrival of spring with a bright sun, the last frost and gentle breeze.

But the celebration did not end … In the evening the friendly student-teaching staff of the Faculty met to celebrate the fourth day of Shrovetide, which is popularly called “Razguliay”. The celebration began with treats of delicious and fragrant pancakes, dumplings and pies with various fillings.

Then students presented folk funs and organized competitions in a fun and bright manner. The most interesting aspect of the holiday was the improvisation of the folk tale, where the roles were played by representatives of the dean’s office and teachers, who turned into fairy-tale characters with consummate artistry and inspiration.

Of course, the organizers and participants of the event were in a positive mood, which will be remembered for a long time and will create the necessary mood for the spring meeting.


According to information of the Faculty of Natural Sciences

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