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Armwrestling Cup

On February 18, the Armwrestling Open Cup (Open Age-Group) of the Fitness and Sports Society “Spartak” of Luhansk region took place in the Rubizhne Industrial-Pedagogical Technical School.

The organizers of the event and the program were the FSS “Spartak”, “Power Sports Federation of Luhansk Region” and the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports.

About 50 athletes from nine cities of the Luhansk region (Popasna, Schastya, Starobilsk, Svatove, Rubizhne, Lysychansk, Severodonetsk, Novoaydar settlement, Ryb’yantseve village (Novopskovsky district)) came here to show the full force of their masculine hands.

The power tournament was held on the “combined” system with elimination after two defeats. The fight took place on the left and the right hand on a circular system. In the individual competition, the winner was determined by the maximum amount of points scored in the fight on both his hands.

Each arm-wrestler had the right to compete only in one weight category. There were four weight categories: up to 75 kg, up to 85kg, up to 95 kg, and over 95 kg.

The competitions were opened by the welcoming words of the following people:

  • Yuri M. Polulyaschenko – chairman of the Regional FSS “Spartak”, Honored coach of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports, Director of the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports of LTSNU, Ph.D., Associate Professor;
  • Oleksandr V. Dubovy – chief judge of the competition, head of the Federation of Power Sports of Luhansk Region, Lecturer of the Department of Olympic and Professional Sports of the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sport of LTSNU;
  • Serhii M. Galiy – chairman of the Powerlifting Federation of Luhansk region, head of the Department of Sports Disciplines, PhD, Associate Professor, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports, Honored Coach of Ukraine;
  • Svitlana O. Stupnikova – senior specialist of the Department of Culture, Youth and Sports;
  • Inna V. Romantsova – Deputy Director for Educational Affairs.

Honorary guests received Diplomas for their contribution to the development of physical culture, physical education, sports power in the Luhansk region and in Ukraine.

The competition judge Arthur Parkhomenko recalled the basic rules of the fight and showed a small master class, and then fights started. The fights were really persistent, excessive force by some fighters broke capture hand, and the judge had to bind their hands with a special belt. The real spectacle were long and exciting fights, where the initiative passed from one to another. Some participants won with the instant sharp jerk. Someone has a left hand stronger than a right one and vice versa.

All athletes were rewarded with original certificates of the FPS and medals.

According to Yuri Mikhailovich, this championship was organized and interesting. “Some boys had flaws in the technique, which prevented them to fight for the top places. But this is only an additional incentive to improve skills,” – the head of the FSS “Spartak” said.

It is impossible not to note the performance of young athletes, students of the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of LTSNU Serhii Shepitko and Vitalii Yurkov. They became champions in their weight categories.

At the end of the competition was a meeting of representatives of the teams-participants, leadership of the FSS “Spartak” and the ERIPES, where they discussed the further development strategies of the Armwrestling Federation for a year. One of the decisions of Federation Council was to launch the Power Extreme Amateur League in 2017, stages of which will be held in many cities of our region.

According to ER IPES

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