Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка


Students of LTSNU visited the musical-literary project “Rozdіlovі”.

February 22, 2016 the poet Serhii Zhadan first brought the creative project “Rozdіlovі” with its updated program to Starobilsk. The project “Rozdіlovі” is an art performance that combines the author’s text and the experimental noise. Participants try to show the space between the letters and lines, as well as feel the “draft”, which appears between the separator characters, making the text “return to the light” and “out of the darkness.”

The project “Rozdіlovі” is important in our time, especially for young people. This is a meeting of poetry, dance, music and video. All of these means of expression have to tell the most important thing – love. Love to the native language, history, traditions, family and, of course, Ukraine.

The organizer of the performances of the project “Rozdіlovі” in Starobilsk was the team “CFS: Toloka”, which constantly conducts interesting entertainment events in the city.

February 21, representatives of the team “CFS: Toloka” had several meetings with university students, the purpose of which was the presentation of the art project “Rozdіlovі” and its permanent members: Serhii Zhadan, Olga Myhailyuk and Oleksii Vorsoba.

Students and teachers together with the Deputy Director for Social and Humanitarian Work M.M. Chumak of the Educational and Research Institute of Trade, Serving Technology and Tourism attended one of the meetings. During the presentation, all participants had the opportunity to plunge into the world of compassion, empathy and joy.


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