Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

“Geoerudit 2016”

The Faculty of Natural Sciences summed up the competition “Geoerudit-2016.”

For the second year teachers of the Department of Geography conduct the creative contest “Geoerudit” for senior pupils of secondary schools in Luhansk region.

The purpose of the contest is popularization of geography and geographical knowledge, identification and development of creative abilities of pupils, formation of the geographical outlook, vocational guidance and training for the external testing in geography.


The contest organizers believe that spatial thinking and knowledge of geographic patterns will help pupils in life no matter what profession they will chose. In our time, a large number of activities, namely the management of the development of territories, military, tourism, natural resources, logistics, marketing activities, journalism require good geographical training.

The contest “Geoerudit-2016” (was held from November 20, 2016 to February 15, 2017) invited pupils to 20 tasks of different complexity including theoretical, practical, creative, knowledge of geographic patterns and geographic nomenclature. The tasks were divided into four blocks: “Little Homeland” (dedicated to the geography of the Luhansk region), “Ukraine”, “Traveling in Europe”, “Find Isolation” (geographic problems). Participants could receive a maximum of 100 points for high-quality performance of tasks.

One hundred pupils of 8-11 forms participated in the contest “Geoerudit-2016”. 23 participants showed high results (received 50 points or more for their works). Absolute winners in the overall ranking are:

  • Oleksandr Butkov (86 points)
  • Andrii Kupriyov (81 points)
  • Yulia Firsova (77 points).

The Organizing Committee identified the best works among pupils in each parallel (11, 10, 9 and 8 forms), as well as the best works in individual nominations (“Little Homeland” and others). Rewarding the authors of these works will be held in April (April 10-20, 2017). All other pupils will receive certificates of the quiz participants.

As the contest showed, the most successful were the pupils’ responses to questions of social and geographic, and in particular, the nature of regional geography. At the same time, tasks for knowledge of physiographic regularities and geographic problems were difficult for pupils. Some contestants approached the preparation work creatively when placing their answers using a variety of drawings (schematic maps, photographs, etc.), although the conditions of the contest did not require that. But it made a positive impression and strengthened the validity of the responses.

The largest number of works came from Starobilsk, Svatovsky, Markovsky, Troitsky districts and the city of Severodonetsk. According to the number of works that received prizes, Svatovsky district became a leader.

The fruitful work of geography teachers is behind the success of pupils. The organizing committee of the geographical contest “Geoerudit-2016” congratulates all fellow teachers who strongly contribute to the popularization of geography, and especially those who provide a high level of success of their pupils! We look forward to the participation of your pupils in the next contest!




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