Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Regional Exhibition

The regional exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments – 2017” completed at LTSNU.

The regional exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments – 2017” brought together the district educational community, which concentrated on improving the quality of education and strengthening of cooperation between educational institutions. At the event, we saw the most notable innovations that create prerequisites for significant achievements in the field of technology.

On February 23, the pre-school educational establishments of Starobilsk presented their achievements and developments. Teachers impressed by their experience, activity and results of creative activity.


At the beginning of the event, guests were welcomed by the head of methodical study of the Education Department of Starobilsk District Administration N.N. Sopelnik and the Lecturer of the Department of Preschool and Primary Education of LTSNU A.P. Zazharska. Teachers wish success and inspiration to the preschool educators and stressed that the activities of pre-schools is unique and interesting to explore.

The environmental education in Starobilsk area is one of the main directions of work in the pre-school institution No. 3 “Dzvіnochok”. There is a layout of Ukrainian courtyard, rates and meteorological area are located on the territory of the kindergarten, where children receive theoretical background and practical skills of observation of natural phenomena.

Particularly relevant in today’s realities is to nurture tolerance and to develop in children the skills of group work. The Starobilsk municipal pre-school educational establishment No. 8 “Dzhereltse” implements project activities “Culture of Neighbourhood”, which allows to cultivate respect for the cultures of other peoples and to form skills of conflict management.

Teachers of the pre-school educational establishment No.2 “Orlia” pay special attention to cooperation with parents. The interaction with the families of the children started with the organization of the festival theaters – the festival where participants were only parents and children were interested spectators. This event brought together educators and parents who felt the complexity of teaching.

This year is scheduled the puppet theater of fairy tales, which will continue the tradition started in the institution. Much attention is given to moral and national-patriotic education, creating in children love for their state and a sense of pride of its achievements.

Education of social and financial literacy is an important task of the activity of the Starobilsk municipal preschool educational establishment of combined type “Sonyachny”. The program “Aflatot” is directed for the realization of this goal. It provides for the formation of entrepreneurial skills through the game form. Anticipating the possible difficulties associated with the beginning of kindergarten, educators adopt the practice developed by the project activity on the adaptation of young children to the preschool conditions.

The organization of the work of preschool educational establishment No. 4 “Teremok” is interesting and innovative. The educators constantly improve their professional skills, using in their activities international experience. With the support of the International Foundation “Step by Step”, teachers use the doll-person, which is the embodiment of a living person with their own pressing problems. During the children’s classes, educators via doll-person focus attention on the problematic issues of pupils. In addition, classes for young researchers are organized in the mini- museum, the opening of which was an important event for the kindergarten.

The meeting of teachers from educational establishments, the search for effective ways to improve the quality of education, exchange of experience, advanced technology and pedagogical achievements of scientific cooperation contribute to improving the quality of education.


Oleg Chernysh, press center of LTSNU

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