Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Participation in the Basketball Tournament

University students took part in the basketball tournament dedicated to the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

It has already become a good tradition of the city of Starobilsk to hold the basketball tournament dedicated to the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. The tournament is traditional, it has been held for 19 times.

Seven teams competed for the honorable prize. The combined team of the University “Univer” fell into a group of four teams and held confidently the group stage!

In the first fight, “Univer” met with Starobilsk team. The starting five of our team consisted of skilled basketball players: the college teacher Eugen Reshetilo, the teacher of the RCPE Maksim Prosyankin, students of IPES Dmytro Karpenko, Andrii Ukraintsev and Vitalii Kondratenko. Oleksandr Kava (ERIPES), Maksim Pronka (ERIPMIT) and Volodymyr Sokyrko (ERIPP) came out to replace. The boys started the game well, and from the first minutes, it became clear that they would achieve victory. The first victory was with a score of 28:14.

The team “Univer” played more confidently against Novopskov team and the team “Second” from Polovinkino, winning with scores 37:8 and 48: 6. Our boys took the first place in the group and reached the final. The team “Elevator” won in the second group.

The most exciting game of the tournament was the final. Our team resisted the experienced players who were prepared physically better.

The match began with the accurate three-pointer shot by Dmytro Karpenko. There were hopes that the boys of “Univer” will be able to impose their game to the opponent. Unfortunately, the lack of accurate throws led to the victory of the team “Elevator” in the first quarter with a score of 11:4.

In the second quarter, our players leveled the game a little, losing only 2 points. In the third quarter, “Univer” won with a score of 10:4 and reduced the overall score to three points – 23:20. A little more, and our young people will force the opponent to surrender. But the opponent behaved otherwise. In the final part, “Elevator” added both speed and accuracy; and almost every attack brought points. We got into the opponent’s basket only four times from the 14 attacks. As a result, our boys lost the fourth quarter with a score of 15:9 and lost the match with a score of 38:29. “Elevator” took the first place, “Univer” – the second, and team from Polovinkino, which beat the Novopskov team, took the third place.

The best scorer with 16 points was the player of “Univer” Vitalii Kondratenko.

Chairman of the Sports Club
P.V. Yaroshenko

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