Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Meeting of the Academic Council

A meeting of the Academic Council of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University was held in Starobilsk on January 30.

The agenda included a number of important issues. The first issue tabled for consideration at January meeting was about results of university scientific activity in 2014 and tasks for 2015. The Academic Council noted that in 2014 the activity of university staff had been focused on improvement of quality personnel, integration of scientific researches and educational activity.

During the reporting year 67 scientific and research projects were performed, 8 of them were financed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, one project was performed according to state grant.

10 doctoral thesis and 54 candidate ones were defended under the supervision of university scientists. The teachers of structural departments defended 2 candidate thesis.

Last year 1 special academic council was open in the following specialties: “World History” and “Historiography, Source Studies and Special Historical Disciplines”. There is a new specialty “Theory and History of Journalism” in doctorate and 2 new specialties in postgraduate studies – “Literature Source Studying and Textology” and “Machines and Mechanical Equipment for Agricultural Production”.

Totally university scientists published 1440 scientific works. During the year 55 scientific developments were implemented to the activity of other universities, establishments, companies and organizations.

6 international and 25 all-Ukrainian conferences were held at the university. 8 scientific events were organized and carried out on the base of structural departments.

Also the Academic Council noted that due to the economic crisis and nearly absence of scientific researches and scientific subdivisions there were much tension around the issue of commercialization of completed developments. Unfortunately in 2014 we didn’t have any economic and contractual work and participation of scientists in the international grants was individual and didn’t bring any profit to the university. Also university scientists obtained only one copyright in spite of enough number of published monographs, manuals and textbooks.

So the Academic Council approved to analyze the results of department scientific works at the meetings of academic councils of institutes and faculties.

Chief accountant Tetiana Berezhna reported about results of financial and economic activity of the university in 2014. Tetiana Fedorivna noted that financial and economic activity of the university had been held at the expense of general state budget and special funds.

General fund for the last year is implemented by 83% of planned targets. Underfulfilment of the general fund (17%) is connected with anti-terrorist operation in Luhansk and Luhansk region, lack of possibility to function properly. So unused costs of general fund were transferred to the state budget.

Taking into consideration the above the Academic Council took information of chief accountant under advisement.

Regarding university budget for a new financial year – promising directions of expenses will be: payment for labor of teachers and employees with salary accounting, payment for communal services, expenses for business trips, main and minor repairs, etc. That’s why a budget of profit and loss for 2015 was approved.

List of people who stood for different posts was presented at the meeting. After discussing and secret voting position of the head of Department of Merchandizing, Commercial Business and    Examination of Goods was given to candidate of technical sciences, docent Valentyn Bidash, Department of Physics and Applied Mechanics – candidate of pedagogic sciences, docent Yurii Kozub, Department of Geography –  candidate of geographic sciences, docent Iryna Melnyk, department of Park Gardening and Ecology – candidate of biological sciences, docent Serhii Petrenko, Department of Biology – candidate of agricultural sciences, docent Nataliia Matsai, Department of Preschool and Elementary Education – candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent Nataliia Cherviakova.

2 persons stood for the academic title of docent: Inna Hryhorieva (Department of Defectology and Psychological Correction) and Tetiana Lukianenko (Department of Theoretical and Applied Informatics).

Also the Academic Council considered the following issues: approval of supervision board of the university, working plan of Academic Council for the II semester of 2014-2015 academic year and other scientific issues.

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