Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The Memory of Heroes

Students and teachers of LTSNU visited the Luhansk Regional Local Lore Museum and honored the memory of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes.

The history of the Ukrainian state has events with bloody consequences, which will remain forever in the hearts of the citizens. The formation of national consciousness, the centuries-old desire for independence of our people are inextricably linked to the painful and bitter, but at the same time, the turning points of historical existence.

The tragic vicissitudes in 2014 rocked the country, forever changing socio-political situation and making sure in freedom and determination of the Ukrainian nation and its common aspiration for European integration.

On February 20, Ukraine honors the Heavenly Hundred Heroes who died for freedom and democratic future for our country. This date, minted in the people’s memory, was an example of courage, heroism, and the sources of deep reflection.

Students of the Educational and Research Institute of History, International Relations, Social and Political Sciences, and the Educational and Research Institute of Trade, Serving Technology and Tourism of LTSNU visited Luhansk Regional Local Lore Museum, which hosted the event dedicated to the Revolution of Dignity.

The museum staff told the audience about the events of 2014 in Kyiv, the formation of a new era of the Ukrainian state, noted the important role of every citizen in the development of European countries.

The event was attended by the Chairman of Starobilsk District State Administration A.I. Garkavy, First Deputy Chairman of District State Administration O.S. Kalinin and the Head of the Department of Culture O.A. Kelsch. Anatoly Garkavy congratulated youth of Starobilsk, recalled the tumultuous events that had changed the life of the country. Oleksandr S. Kalinin, who was a witness to the tragic events, told about his feelings and impressions of the revolutionary movement in Kyiv.

Later the participants saw with the exposition “Rebellious Donbass – the Path to Peace”, which is devoted to the events of the ATO and the heroes who defend the independence and sovereignty of our state. Students of LTSNU were impressed by the exhibits, weapons and ammunition.

Our fellow citizens gave the most precious – their lives for a decent future for Ukraine, for the high ideals of freedom and dignity. Ukrainians survived the onslaught of the treacherous enemy invasion, giving the highest price for freedom and independence, territorial integrity and national sovereignty. Each of us must do everything in order to the younger generation will become worthy successors of the glorious deeds of our ancestors.


Oleg Chernysh, press center of LTSNU

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