Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Meeting with the Poet

Students and teachers of LTSNU met with the poet Phedir Tarasenko.

The poetic achievements of Starobilsk have a long history and impress, amazing by depth of thought and a vivid expression of feelings. Among the outstanding writers of our city are the activist of the Ukrainian resistance movement Ivan O. Svetlichny, the poet and journalist Ivan Savich, the master of the poetic word Ivan M. Svetlichny and Phedir Tarasenko whose talent is combined with an incredible lust for life.

Phedir Tarasenko began his creative career as a teenager; fell in love with the beauty and power of poetry. His original talent and indomitable character inspire many lovers; among them is the poet’s family, which supports the man, helping his literary activities.

During the meeting at LTSNU, students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Educational and Research Institute of Economy and Business enjoyed the poet’s creativity. Phedir recited his works and talked about his own feelings while writing poetry.

According to the poet, his father played a great role in his formation, whose identity remains an example to follow even today. The poetic works of the poet has poems, filled with pain and bitterness of loss:

Отец, ты ушел на века,
А здесь меня оставил.
Жизнь – необычная строка
И я ее исправил.

The multifaceted creativity of Phedir Tarasenko combines different thematic areas. His poems are devoted to family, embracing love, native Starobilsk and wise mentors, including I.M. Svetlichny. Love for Ukraine takes a special place in the poetry of the writer:

Ах, Украина, ты на свете есть
И от души тебя я благодарен,
За синеву безоблачных небес
И за любовь, что ты народу даришь.

The Youth of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University was impressed by the frankness of the poet, the depth of his poetic thought and melodic verses. The event was attended by the Police Lieutenant Colonel Evgen V. Voronkin and Starobilsk residents who are addicted to the works of their compatriot. During the meeting, the creative atmosphere of mutual understanding and inspiration reigned. The second-year student majoring in “Marketing” Inna Salo and the first-year student majoring in “Economics” Alina Oliynik read poetry and wished the poet fruitful work and invincibility of spirit. The writer presented the library of the University his own collection of poems.

Meetings with outstanding talented individuals open up a great opportunity for the formation of the modern generation. The example of Phedir Tarasenko proves that a strong man can overcome all difficulties:

Я живу, это значит – дышу,
Вижу солнца на небе разливы.
Только вот по земле не хожу,
Но душой несказанно счастливый.


Oleg Chernysh, press center of LTSNU

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