Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Valentine’s Day

The winter already comes to an end, and the spring – time of awakening, love, and, of course, warmth will come quite soon.

On February, 14 people all over the world celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day, and due to activists this remarkable holiday came on the Roman and Germanic Philology Department also. As a result, our university was filled with high spirits, in spite of awful weather behind a window and forthcoming tests. Our girls were even nicer and more beautiful than usually, and guys were inventive in gifts and love confessions. Of course, there were anonymous valentines also. Sure! The love mail worked for previous two weeks, and every person could write a valentine card and secretly or openly send it to her object of feelings.

A concert became a key event on this day, where students had the opportunity to creatively express themselves in any directions. They danced, sang, played off the scenes, tried to tell fortunes, and all of it was so sincerely and nicely, and only confirmed that students and teachers of our department are great big family.

So this frosty February day our faculty created a beautiful fairy-tale, bring back to life boring winter week-days to both the students and all guidance and teaching staff, managed to remind all of us a very important thing: each of us deserves the most wonderful sense – mutual and happy love!

Be always surrounded by attention of dear to you people and let the Saint Valentine help you!

According to the teacher of
Romance and Germanic Philology Department,
M.V. Vieriemieieva

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