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International Book Gifting Day

Students of the ER IPES majoring in “Physical Rehabilitation” and “Human Health” took part in the volunteer action dedicated to the International Book Giving Day.

Every year since 2012, February 14th is the International Book Giving Day – a holiday that has become international thanks to the initiative of  the American Emmy Broadmoor, founder of the Children’s Book Site (Delightful Children’s Books). Emmy Broadmoor is the mother of three children. It is a question of one of the sons – why there is no such day in the year when people give each other books just like that, became the impetus for the birth of a new significant event.

During five years of its existence, the initiative was supported around the world and continues to find new enthusiasts and participants.

Students of the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports also joined the celebration of this day. For example, a student volunteer group “Good Source” of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation and Human Health gave new children’s books to pupils of Kreminna District Center for Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children. Books were given to managers and employees of the Center.

Organizers and activists ask all people to take care of the book, and do not forget that, unfortunately, even today there are people who do not have free access to the books in the world.

According to ER IPES

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