Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Poetic Talents of Pupils

LTSNU brings together teachers of Starobilsk district and contributes to improving the quality of education and its integration into the European community.

The exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments – 2017”, which takes place on the basis of our University, gives teachers the opportunity to present their own achievements and share their experiences in solving actual educational problems.

The exhibits presented at the event, make up a significant part of the unique pedagogical heritage of Starobilsk teachers. The exhibition of Pidgorivska comprehensive school of I-III degree was especially interesting. Here in addition to methodological developments and scenarios of cultural and educational activities were presented poetic collections of pupils.

Alla O. Shmat is a teacher of mathematics. She is interested in poetry from her school age. This frail and shy woman combines the talent of the artist and the respected mentor. The educational work was the inspiration for Alla Oleksandrivna. Having seen the talent of children, she helped to design the first collection of poems, which were devoted to their native school.

The difficult socio-political situation and the continuation of the armed conflict in the east Ukraine influenced the formation of the younger generation. Pupils of Pidgorivska comprehensive school embodied their vision of the tragic events and the desire for peace in poems, imbued with the children’s candor and insight:

Ми не чекали цю війну і не просили.
Жили собі, і мріяли, й навчались.
Та раптом закружляли чорні сили,
І навпіл вся земля розпалась.

Feeling confusion and difficult fate of Fatherland defenders, pupils of Pidgorivska comprehensive school joined the volunteer movement. While in Kiev, the children met many volunteers, who promised to support the publication of children’s works.

Children’s talent is multifaceted and diverse; the pupils devote their poems to school, mentors and homeland. The publication of each poetic collection accompanies the presentation, during which the authors talk about their feelings, thoughts and plans for the future. Poems of pupils were repeatedly published in the education newspaper “Crane”, which is a symbol of recognition of the Ukrainian young creative talent.


According to A.O. Shmat, pupils are active and motivated individuals, who pay attention to science, self-development and self-improvement (collection – 1, collection – 2, collection – 3).

The exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments – 2017”, which takes place on the basis of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, opens up new possibilities for the development of scientific potential of the region. Active young people, whose achievements have received the all-Ukrainian recognition, contribute to the development of the state and its integration into the European society.


Oleg Chernysh, press center of LTSNU

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