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Tourist Achievements of Starobilsk

The Starobilsk District House of Arts presented a project of excursions around the native city at the exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments – 2017”.

The regional exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments – 2017”, which takes place on the basis of LTSNU, has become a scientific center of Starobilsk district. Every week our University hall is filled with active and motivated teachers who are making efforts to implement their own innovative ideas.

The exhibition was attended by the House of Arts for Children and Youth, which brings together young active people of Starobilsk, forming the current generation of motivated, well-rounded individuals. A variety of groups and sections allows children to realize their potential and show artistic talent, achieving significant results and recognition.


Pupils of the establishment regularly take part in the international and national competitions, demonstrating a high level of training and glorifying their native city. The tourist circle, which is headed by Andrii A. Neshcheret, is particularly interesting.

The man began to get involved in travels from childhood, attending school clubs and dealing with tourists. In 2010, Andrii Anatoliyovych participated in the international expedition to the Caucasus, which was dedicated to Marco Vovchok. The travelers put a monument to the heroes of World War II on the slopes of Elbrus. And the climb to the great and inaccessible top became a passionate memory and stimulus for further work.


This love for the beautiful nature, a sense of adventure and exciting travel soon became a prerequisite for the creation of children’s tourist traffic on Starobilsk. Its history begins in 2008 when after the victory in the regional contest “Ukrainian Embroidery” it was decided to organize a circle “Hiking”.

The head’s admiration and enthusiasm contributed to the unification of active children, who for eight years have visited many towns and villages of Ukraine, admired the scenic beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea in the Crimea, Volyn lakes and overcame the highest point of the country – the Mount Hoverla.

The activity of tourism circle is not limited to travel and hiking. Pupils of the House of Arts take part in the National Children’s Social Movement “Safety School”, where children receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills to conduct rescue operations in different conditions. Pupils have significant achievements in the ski tourism and in 2015 became winners of the Ukrainian Championship.

The work of local history is an important activity. Children enthusiastically study the history of their native city, exploring the activities of outstanding individuals who visited our region. Last year, participants of the search group of the House of Arts developed a project of the excursions around Starobilsk and became winners of the All-Ukrainian contest “The History of Ukrainian Cities and Villages.” Intrigued by the novel “12 chairs”, which according to legend is associated with our city, the children began the hard work – met with local historians, visited the museum and outstanding places described in the book.


According to the head of the circle, the key to successful travel is a detailed planning. It is necessary to select a travel area and to develop its route. Depending on the training of children and the degree of complexity of the campaign trip, the length is between 35 and 130 kilometers. Each trip is interesting and unique, and therefore the number of members of the circle increased and now reaches thirty people.

The parents play an important role in the children’s enthusiasm and often go camping with children. The age restrictions for tourism does not exist, so anyone can join the active youth and fill his life with interesting and unforgettable experience!


Oleg Chernysh, press center of LTSNU

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