Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Profession Week

The Starobilsk Department of the RCPE of LTSNU hosted the profession week “Computer Typing Operator” with the subject of history.

The week was started with the blitz survey on the topic: “The computer in my life” to identify the most active users PCs among students of the Starobilsk Department of RCPE of LTSNU of I, II, III courses; to determine the ability to use the computer peripheral equipment by means for transmitting information to compute tasks, calculations, using software, hardware automation. As a result of the survey the first-year students are the most active users.

Within the profession week and the subject of the history was held a lecture on the topic “The History of the PC”, where considerable attention was paid to the history of creation of computer parts, including commented about the companies that participated in this process. After the lecture, students watched the film “The inventor of the first computer”.

The master O.I. Goldanova held an excursion tour to the district archives, the purpose of which was the formation of knowledge concerning the archiving of documents not only on the computer, learn to distinguish multivolume archives, cultivate interest in learning the archiving and storage of documents. Head of the Archives Lyudmila P. Vernyak spoke about the historical facts of the Starobilsk district, living in the postwar years, introduced to educate the important documents that are stored in the archive for more than 70 years.

In order to improve the level of vocational training, development of creative activity of students, improving the organization and content of education in the training of skilled workers was held a competition “Best in Profession”. The competition consisted of two rounds (theoretical and practical), and was attended by all interested students of the group 2-PK. The first round included 20 questions-tests. According to the results of this round, three pupils took part in Round II, where it was necessary to create a presentation of five slides, a visiting card and a booklet. Students Vladislav Kozlov and Viktoria Nosal won the first place in the competition “Best in Profession” and were awarded with diplomas and sweet prizes.


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